God is hearing all of you and answering with a resounding “YES”! Brynn is going to have another ct scan in the next few minutes. If it comes back with continued improvement then all doctors agree it’s is time to be weened off the ventilator and bring her back 😃

Doc said this morning, “no man has saved this little baby and who has had great mercies by having the right team in the right place.” I call that Yahweh, the proper name of an amazing loving God that sees His people, hears their voice, and meets their needs.

Doc asked for specific prayer that Brynn’s air tube would be removed without her feeling hoarse in order to help her breathing. Brynn is no longer in a life threatening situation, but still has an earthly long road ahead. My prayer is that God continues to amaze in His Miracle and puts her recovery on His time table. Pray specifically for her left side of her brain and the right side of her body/motor skills. Thank you God for Your faithfulness thus far and Your miracle.