Had a great weekend with the rest of the children and made it back to ATL this afternoon. Tomorrow is a very important day as Brynn will be having new tunes put in her ears and an ABR test to discover her hearing volume and if she needs to keep using hearing aids. As for now, audiologists and doctors have said she does not need the hearing aids and we pray that tomorrow the medical test confirms their beliefs and God’s amazing grace in Brynn’s life. Please pray specifically at 7:45 AM as she will be sedated for new tubes and the ABR.

Through this weekend I have been trying to get caught up and ready for the plunge back into the real world on Wednesday. Preparing for all the things coming up and future plans, I have realized that life does not stop for tragedies, but as believers we should at least notice.

All of you have done an amazing job teaching me this lesson over the last four weeks and I believe this is what Jesus felt as He went from town to town, saw the people, and felt compassion (Matthew 9:35-38).┬áJesus immediately noticed the severity of the situation and asked the disciples to pray for workers to go into the harvest field. In 2015, I believe the field has only gotten larger with people needing hope, grace, and love; but the same dilemma still exists and it is God’s need for His people to be workers. Not workers chasing the American Dream, rather, compassionate people who will go into the fields and show compassion. Cry with those who are hurting, grieve with those who have lost, and celebrate with those who have no one to celebrate with. May we never be so self consumed to not notice other people and their struggles (not to try and fix them, but rather love them through it). This is what each of you have done with us as we have witnessed God’s Miracle in Brynn. For that I simply say, “thank you, I love you, and do not want to do life with out each one of you.”

Please take time to notice others today who are in need of the same touch as Amy and I have needed over the last four weeks and then validate them by noticing and giving effort to love them.

Pray for Brynn’s surgery, healing, recovery, and story to go forward!