What Now


Brynn has been home since November 10 and continuing to improve. She goes to to weekly therapies (physical, occupational, and speech) and seems to be getting closer to her baseline prior to the fall on 0ct. 11. We have had many doctors, nurses, and therapists testify to God’s Miracle in Brynn and have been left¬†speechless at how well she is doing and her current state only eight weeks after the fall.

Most recently (last Tuesday to be exact) Amy took Brynn for her OAE hearing test – a test she has never passed since birth. This is the test that gave us the first insight into Brynn’s hearing lost as an infant. Amy told me as she arrived at the doctor’s office the nurse was so excited to meet Brynn. She had been praying for her, like many of you, and when she saw Brynn’s name on the docket that morning, she was excited at the chance to finally meet her. Amy said it was so sweet to see the nurse’s genuine excitement and love for Brynn as she had been getting updates from friends in Cleveland and Atlanta during her healing.

After the greeting, they started the OAE test and as the nurse was explaining the results she got teary eyed. For the first time ever BRYNN PASSED in her right ear. Amy asked “What does this mean?” to which the nurse responded; “it means what it means – she can hear completely in her right ear.

After celebrating the news Amy took Brynn to her audiologist on Thursday. And to confirm just how powerful Jeovah Rapha is, Dr. Richardson said, she has “never seen this.” She has no explanation, and “nothing from a fall, medical treatment, or on this earth could have corrected Brynn’s inner ear issue.” Amy simply responded, “so what you are saying is it’s a miracle.” In which Dr. said, “I do not just throw that word around loosely, but YES!” As Amy and Dr. Richardson sat their speechless, Amy was curious as to what would be next. The Doctor simply said I do not know, but we will see!

It reminds me of so many times people in the Bible (the paralytic outside the gates Acts 3:1-10 or the man lowered through the roof Luke 5:17-26) that spent their whole life striving for help – to be healed in a moment.¬†I believe after the moment of healing passed that each of them had to have had a “what now” moment. Their life had revolved around their disability and now the chains of that disability were gone.

What about us? Our chains are gone, but we still live like captives. The sin that so easily entangles also has a way of becoming our life and if we are not careful, though we have been forgiven, we live as slaves.

Live Free Today!

Brynn is healed,