Rehab is going well and Brynn continues to amaze. One PT said in our last session, “she could not believe it has only been 3 weeks and she is doing this well.”

Funny moments have started happening during therapy sessions as Brynn’s full personality continues to come back. One of my favorite moments that happens regularly is when she is in the middle of something and a therapist asks her to move to another task; she simply lefts her little pointer finger and looks at them and says “wait”. (Bbbbaaaaaahhhhhaaaa) Though this is cute and funny now, I can only imagine how that will play out later.

It reminds me of the amazing fact that God desires for us to submit to Him, even when we want Him to simply wait. I encourage us to be passionately pursuing God, so that when He calls, we will be ready! (Isaiah 6:6)

Specific prayer:
1) hearing and speech
2) her feet and them working with her legs properly
3) her temperament and working with therapist

Thank you for all you are doing and we thank God for being Brynn’s Jehovah Rapha.

Keep increasing the volume!