Stink Eye

God has been doing some amazing things today! It started this morning when Brynn let everyone know she does not need to be on a puréed food diet. It happened very innocently when just the two of us were hanging out this morning and she ate an entire bag of animal crackers, two cheese crackers, and a few m&ms. Lol – I got the stink eye from the nutrition Doctor, but all-in-all it was worth it seeing the results. In fact, all day I have felt a little bad for running in front of the 2nd eating test, but at the same time I know Brynn as good as anyone (except mamacita) and knew she was ready.

I also have been thinking all day about how much irony is between Brynn and I’s eating moment and God’s amazing will for our life. You know many people try to tell us things we need and some may even have great reasons for their opinion, but God is the One who really knows us! Sometimes many may disagree with the timing, plan, or your direction; but we have to trust Him. God has shown us all so much over the last 12 days and one thing I know is: HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR ME AS A HEAVENLY FATHER and sometimes that is leading us to action that others say we are not ready for.

If your looking for a few examples then think about these people: Moses – His mouth piece, Abraham – father of the nations at a late age, David – teenager slays a giant, Peter – walks on water, Saul – conversion to Paul, and the list goes on… I encourage you all to take what God is showing us and let it result in actions of obedience in our life that may be outside our comfort zone.

Keep praying for Brynn; especially that right arm and hand, the lower left part of her brain, and for complete healing in her entire body. Also pray that Blue Cross Insurance will not delay our rehab in ATL; it’s the only thing we are wait on at this point.

I love each of you and your encouragement has been amazing! Keep increasing the volume!