Very specific request: we have seen a ct scan and know exactly the part of the brain that is either damaged or bruised (not medical terminology, but gives you the picture of the situation). All other concerns have been eliminated with the ct scan, but we are now praying for the lower left half of her brain. They do not know if it is permanently damaged or temporary bruising! We are now praying for it to be temporary bruising with no long term effects. God has done so many miraculous things to this point and eliminated many threats and concerns. Join with us in praying over Brynn’s lower left part of her brain.

She is out of the woods concerning life or death, but she still has a very long earthly road ahead; but God has been paving heavenly roads of progress. “Do not come if you need roads. For the men who join me must be about building roads not traveling them.”

In case you have not been keeping up with Brynn since Sunday, I want you to know that GOD HAS ALREADY PREFORMED A MIRACLE, and now He is just showing us how complete and detailed He is about His love for Brynn and His people. Doctors are concerned, but hopeful. We are human parents, passionately pursuing God and finding Him so much a head of our (all of us) prayers! Jehovah – YHWH is able and we give Him the praise.

Brynn is still not very alert YET, lacking some movement, but she is progressing! It looks to be a slow process and we still do not know many things, but we will rest in THE ONE that does.

May your weekend be great and build up to an amazing worship service to celebrate what God has done not only in Brynn, but all of us.

Please keep the volume increasing towards heaven, keep the encouragement coming, and know that you guys have absolutely been used by God to be His strength to Amy & I.

I look forward to your stories, His complete miracle in Brynn, and your complete story in Christ because what we are seeing. It’s only the beginning, but the completion is coming!