So Much More

There is so much I want you all to know, but none bigger than God is so much bigger, better, stronger, more loving, more kind, more gracious than I ever thought He was prior to Brynn’s fall. Though years of ministry and study I thought I knew, now I have seen more clearly (1 Cor. 13:12) that He is everything He said He is (YHWH – I Am The I Am).

I also KNOW the power of God’s people (His church) and the love they show. To watch people unify over commonalities lets me know that God is not done with our world and that His church can make a difference.

Concerning Brynn, patience! Though she is with us, there are some concerns for her brain; but I know God Jehovah is not done. Pray specifically for her brain and that God Creator will recreate and mend.

Amy and I want each of you to know that we truly love you and it’s an honor to have you in our lives and a part of God’s miraculous healing for Brynn.┬áKeep praying, be kind, hug your kids, and for Brynn – “Roll Tide!

* stop what your doing and let your child know you love them through text or a quick phone call

May we all never be the same after what we are seeing God do!