Proper Names

Brynn has been improving through out the day! She has been moving her right arm and leg more, just as we all have prayed specifically, and coming more and more awake. As she is coming more alert and responsive, she needs your prayers with comfort and reduced swelling. Amazingly, I was looking at God’s many names and ways He reveals Himself to His people and this world. I have been focusing on His proper name:

YHWH- God’s proper name

and His two names as helper and healer:

Jehovah Azar = The Lord is my Helper (Psalm 30:10)

Jehovah Rapha = The Lord your Healer (Ex 15:26)

Knowing that Brynn needs comfort I discovered:

Jehovah Nacham = The Lord is my Comforter

I share this because it reminds me how He is already everything we need, even before we need it.

So join with me in¬†following God as we pray for Him to not only be Brynn’s healer and helper, but also her COMFORTER! Right now we are not allowed to over stimulate her so it is hard to comfort her, but GOD IS ABLE! Lord be her comforter – Jehovah Nacham.

Lastly – not only has God been our rock, which is more than gracious and enough; but you guys (all of you-even the people we have never met and are in different states/countries) have been so encouraging for Amy and I. You will never know how much strength we have been given from your outpouring of love, encouragement, stories, and prayers (keep them coming). I want each of you to know that I LOVE YOU and thank my God for each of you and your stories.

May God bless you and show you great favor as He has shown Brynn His true character, love, and grace. Whatever you may be dealing with I want you to know that YHWH is able. I have said that for years out of faith and studying; but today I say it because I have seen it with my own eyes.

Thank God today because He is worthy and may you truly love Him more because of what we all are witnessing in Brynn!

He is hearing His people and healing His Brynn!

PS- The staff at TC Thompson has been amazing and acknowledge God as the healer!