Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen

I am so excited to let you know what Amy Lou captured on video yesterday after my updated posted. I first want to thank you for all you are doing. Brynn’s miracle story is been spread throughout and God is using you guys. We are hearing stories of people being encouraged in their own adversity or difficult situations, people turning back to a God who has never stopped pursuing people, and simply watching God’s people do what they were created to do which is love God and love people. You have been amazing and my only frustration is that it took a desperate situation for me to truly realize how amazing you all are and just how loved Amy and I are in this world.

Unfortunately, that is how most of us work. It takes desperate situations for us to see how amazing God is and how His people can be used. I encourage each of you to stop today during lunch and do more than simply bless your food; but rather truly think about all your many blessings.

Today remember – “we are blessed.”

Concerning Brynn, please continue to pray! Specifically for her right hand/arm and for her to start eating.

Yesterday Amy took a video while I was doing the laundry and SHE IS MOVING HER RIGHT LEG! God is hearing you loudly and answering with “Yes I Will!” The therapist said, “If you did not have the video I would not have believed it!”┬áJehovah Rapah is so awesome.

Please pray for her lower left side of her brain, her right arm/hand, and her to start eating and drinking.
Also pray that a room would open up at Children’s hospital of Atlanta, insurance would move quickly with approval, and that we would be transferring very soon.

Keep increasing the volume and I love you.