Passing The Test

God is so good! She passed her swallow test.

This is a huge step in God’s miracle in Brynn.

It’s been a good day and I asked you all to take some time and thank God for the miracle story He has given us over the last 8 days. Though there is plenty more to come, TODAY WE CELEBRATE!

May you find some true rest today as we have been totally consumed with Brynn. Though it is nowhere close to complete, it’s a great time to take a breath and recharge.

I pray Matthew 11:29 over you all, which lets us know that God is the giver of rest if we are willing to cast our burdens on Him and take His yoke upon us. His yoke provides comfort, healing, direction, and purpose.

So rest well my friends, for tomorrow we go back to battle to watch God complete His miracle in Brynn.
You all have been amazing and we love you back!

Take some time to rest, reflect, recap, and acknowledge our journey thus far and I will look forward to bringing more Godly news from Brynn’s story tomorrow.