I sit overwhelmed by love, encouragement, and excitement through God’s presence and His people.
God’s love and miracle is amazing! Though Brynn has a very long earthly road a head, we can look back at the last 72 hours and see God’s love, power, and compassion. As you will see in the attached image,¬†God’s Brynn is back in our arms. They do have some concerns for her brain and possible delays, but God is able to continue to exceed human prognosis. I ask you to pray specifically for her comfort and brain! We ask God to miraculously reform any damage. God is the healer and He formed her once in her mother’s womb and we ask him to do it again.

Thank you for all the support and prayers! Though we celebrate and give thanks to God for where we are today, we ask you to continue to pray for Brynn’s complete restoration.

Brynn Clark