There’s No Such Thing as Luck

Bags are packed and papers are signed; now we are only waiting on the EMT’s before the God’s Miracle in Brynn Tour leaves Chattanooga and heads to ATL!

With these giant steps behind us, I am simply in a complete state of thankfulness and gratitude to our Jehovah and to all of you! I pray that as we all (yes all of us, because we feel you have all been with us on this journey) leave Children’s Hospital; I pray the lessons, renewed relationships, and biblical truths are not left in Room 434. May we remember what God has done and never be the same again.

One last affirmation of God’s goodness, love, and grace came from Dr. Mac today as he preformed his final checkup of Brynn. Amy was simply asking how does Brynn compare to other cases in similar critical situations. Dr. Mac simply replied; “she is the luckiest girl he has ever seen” (for the record, no such thing as luck – it’s called blessed) and Brooke our PT worker simply said; “she has an army of warriors behind her and she is doing exceptionally well”.

The fact that in two answers God was recognized and you were acknowledge as God’s people; I can say with a smile on my face – “Atlanta, get ready for a modern day miracle and the completion of Brynn!”

Do not stop until it is finish (Philippians 1:6 – read it)! Increase the volume!