Never Forget

Crazy busy day, but it’s been another step in this huge story of God’s Miracle in Brynn.

It was discovered today that Brynn may be having some right eye vision neglect – which basically means she is not using her right side peripheral vision well or has a delay using her right side vision. She will have an appointment with a neurological ophthalmologist to see if there is an issue. This is a little like the other issues she has dealt with concerning her entireĀ right side and God has been gracious at restoring it all. So please join with us in praying specifically for her right eye vision and eye control. I have no doubt that God is able.

The doctors said today in our meeting they are encouraged and amazed with her progress. Her story has been nothing sort of miraculous and SHE IS COMING HOME TUESDAY!

God is so great and I simply can believe that in 23 days He has done the miraculous because I have seen it. I am shocked it has all happened and embarrassed I would have ever doubted God prior to this situation.

I am excited about the completion of this stage of God’s Miracle in Brynn, but also confused for the sorrow I feel out of worry that I (we) will go back to the apathy of life prior to God’s miracle. My prayer is that we never forget what God has done and is doing. May we never go back to the mundane. May we be moved by our love for people, passionate about our faith in God and His ability to do the supernatural, and motivated to come together as God’s people to make a difference.

Until it is finished…keep increasing the volume!