Me Roll Tide

Brynn had a great day yesterday and the only way I can describe it is: “MIRACULOUS”. She is still showing little movement on her right side and we need to keep praying for her lower left side of her brain, but let me tell you what she did…

Yesterday Brynn was released from the PICU at 4:00pm and moved to her own room. I turned on the Alabama vs. Texas A&M football game because, despite the rest of the family being Tennessee fans Brynn has let it be known before her fall that: “me roll tide.” So as Brynn’s crib enters the room Alabama breaks a long run for their first TD and I told her; “look Brynn Alabama scored!” Then Brynn shocked us all with her first words after surgery; no they were not “daddy”, “mama”, or even “love you”. No, to my amazement her first words were “ME ROLL TIDE!” The fact that she showed memory, speech ability, and awareness sent the room into a celebration. God is not only her healer, but He does it in a way to give me a smile. GOD IS AMAZING!

Brynn still has a long earthly road a head, but God keeps putting Brynn on His heavenly short cuts. Please do not stop praying just because God is giving us signs of healing, but rather pray with endurance and expectation knowing God is going to fully restore Brynn and spread His story of healing; not just out of His love for Brynn, but also because of His love for you. He is pursuing you/us and wants you/us to know just how real and gracious He is. May you worship Him fully (physically, mentality, socially, emotionally, and spiritually) today. May He use you to lead out in your various churches today in a true unique living changing service, but most importantly may you be fully restored by God as well today (no matter what the situation).

I love you all so much and am praying for you and our churches today! Keep increasing the volume towards heaven and with a huge smile I say – “roll tide”

PS – if your in bed; get up and go celebrate God in worship today 😜