Wow. What a day.

I am overwhelmed with joy in the miracle we have all witnessed in Brynn in the last three weeks. It is hard to believe that 22 days ago she was minutes away from death and now she is full of life. Amy and I acknowledge God for His miracle in Brynn and do not take for granted the details of His thoroughness.

Today was an amazing day to watch Brynn show everyone what it means to love. She walked around the therapy sessions telling everyone hi, blowing kisses, and calling them by their name if she knew it. She rode in her wheelchair around the hospital making people laugh with her funny faces and animal sounds. She even made a cafeteria worker tear up when she said thank you and blew her a kiss with no prompting from me for her cheese pizza. It gave me a whole new insight to 1 Cor. 13 and the fact that everyone in this hospital needs hope and faith either because of their situation or their job, but LOVE overcomes the struggles.

LOVE is contiguous. LOVE encourages. LOVE simply changes life. Whether it is love for a patient, love of a career, or love from a 2 yr old girl; LOVE MOTIVATES!

Their is no doubt that today I was able to see a two-year-old girl that has been held so tight by Her Jehovah Rapha that His love simply overflows to others and joy is spread.

Your challenge: make a thoughtful effort to spread joy tomorrow and love people. Do not focus on your own struggles or worries, but rather be a conqueror. Whether it be a contiguous smile or calling somebody by their name to validate them – show LOVE! Start with your family before you depart for the┬áday and end by thinking how you used your day to love people and spread joy before you go to bed.

Please pray for us tomorrow at noon as we meet with all the doctors and find out their thoughts on Brynn, how long we will be here, and what’s next. I think I am most excited about what’s next because I know God can be trusted!

Keep increasing the volume!