Houston – We Are Go

As Brynn continues to progress we spend time with her working on various motor skills. I can not emphasize enough how miraculous the last two weeks have been. She has went from minutes from death to ALL parts working and continuing to improve. Yes you read that correctly – ALL PARTS (including right side) working; GOD IS SO AMAZING AND HAS HEARD US ALL! Though she is not where she was before the fall, she is a a lot further from two weeks ago.

We will be headed to ATL in the morning for rehab and I am confident that God will bring Brynn through a complete healing and restoration of her body. It has been awesome to watch the doctors and nurses look at Brynn and smile because her quick restoration and condition can not be medically explained. Please do not miss hear me; Children’s Hospital has been used by God to do amazing things and we are so thankful for everyone, but we acknowledge God as the Jehovah Rapha and have seen it to be true. For the record and for credit: the doctors acknowledge the same.

I also want to tell you just how amazing God is and what has been in my spirit for the last 24 hours. It started with a great visit from my uncle Bobo (real name: Leroy) and Aunt Ann yesterday. Bobo is my dad’s brother (my father passed away just before I turned 13) and has always been one of my favorite people on earth. I do not know what it is about him, but he always brings joy and laughter into my life when he is around. The irony is that I have not seen him much since my father passed away, but every time we get together it takes about five minutes and then it’s as if we have never been a part. Man how I love that about our relationship!

Then today I had the privilege to go to my church and worship and be a part of our Fall Festival for the first time since Brynn’s fall. Though it had been two weeks, it was as if I had never been gone. The love and concern Grace Point showed me through the conversations of the people can only be summed up by it is a true love relationship. In fact, both situations are simply true love relationships!

That is what I can not get out of my mind and spirit. No matter where we are, no matter what we may feel we have done; God is always ready to pick up exactly where WE left off. God is totally in love with you and like my church and uncle – it takes one small step into His presence and God Himself picks right back up with our true love relationship with Him. I believe this is the true message of a very familiar verse in John’s gospel simply known worldwide as John 3:16.

So Bobo and Aunt Ann if you read this – I love you. Grace Point – it is a privilege to do life with you and serve on your staff.

Pray specifically for Brynn’s strength in muscles and continue improvement. Keep increasing the volume!