Give Me a B

Testing today with the ABR was a little confusing due to her having tubes put in, but the sound booth test gave us a clearer picture:

Basically, at this time she does have hearing loss in both ears, but the baseline is considered right on the line of normal for all frequencies but the high ones. To put this in Mickey terms: as for now they do not think it is necessary for her to continue wearing hearing aids. The goal is to work on the higher frequency sounds (b, t, th, s, f sounds), try to see if we can get accurate readings on individual ears in the next 3-6 months, and let her ears heal from the surgery today.

I know this is a lot of information, but I want to make sure I explain God’s miraculous works clearly. So again; no hearing aids is confirmed by testing today for the time being. Now we will track her progress concerning hearing and speech.

I will have a longer, FINAL update in the next few days after we get settled in at home, but I wanted you all to know what God has been doing today in His Miracle in Brynn.

Keep increasing the volume!