We have made it to rehab and every doctor’s response to Brynn at evaluations and therapy has a common theme: “she is so much farther than we were expecting after reading her case file.” Thank you God for more earthly confirmation of what we know you have done!

It took God’s Miracle Tour in Brynn about 5 minutes on the floor before Brynn quickly became a floor favorite. And if you know Brynn then that is not surprising.

Concerning Brynn, I want us all to storm His throne concerning her speech and hearing. These are the two areas that seem to be lacking the most. Concerning her muscle strength and control that we prayed for; God once again said “YES!” Brynn is sitting up, rolling over, eating on her own, crawling, standing up, and even takes a few steps with a little help. Her muscle difference between now and yesterday is nothing short of amazing. She still has more to go, but I wanted to share God’s answer to our last prayer focus.

The thought I keep dwelling on is how amazingly gifted God created us to be. This hospital is absolutely spectacular and to think it all came from people God gifted and created with exceptional abilities is awesome.

It reminds me of The Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9. If you read the story (yes, that means go read it) you will see just how amazing God created us to be. The issue in the early world (roughly 6,000 years ago) was not man’s God given ability or talents; but rather how we chose to use them. Walking around Scottish Rite and seeing the good this hospital does must make God smile and allow Him to continue to show His favor through sending very gifted people to this place. I wonder if we have the right focus to be in the right place to use our God given abilities and talents for His purpose that is a game changer for others? If not, it’s never to late to make an adjustment.

Many have asked how to send Brynn encouragement during her rehab. Here is the address:

1001 Johnson Ferry Rd
Atlanta, GA 30342
c/o Brynn clark
CIRU 376

I love each of you and thank you for being a part of our life. Keep increasing the volume!!!