First One To Daddy Wins

Sorry for the late update, but we have been spending time with Brynn and it has been a HUGE encouragement to see her progression today! God is hearing us all loud and clear; and simply letting us all know He still performs miracles.

Brynn today is more alert, moving her lips and tongue, and following with her eyes much better. She is still missing some strength in her right side and has a long earthly road a head of her, but today has been a GREAT day.

Brynn’s new activity that God has given me today for absolute encouragement is an old game we played with all the girls prior to the fall. I would simply say first one to give daddy a kiss wins; and the girls would come flying from all over to win. I do that with Brynn and put my cheek by her lips and she gives me a smack kiss with her lips. The first time she did it I just about jumped out of my skin, the second time even Amy heard the smack of the kiss. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

God is so faithful! Though we are nowhere close to the end of this journey, it’s a step and we acknowledge God for what He has done and doing.

Thank you to everyone for all the prayers and encouragement. Please be encouraged by this post, BUT DO NOT STOP PRAYING! She is moving to her own room out of the PICU, continue to pray for the lower left part of her brain.

Thank you Jehovah Rapah for being her healer. Thank you for your people and the encouragement they have been to Amy and I. Thank you for using Brynn to be your messenger and a reminder of just how amazing, kind, gracious, and loving you are!

Our prayer is that you will continue to pray for Brynn’s complete healing, but please make sure to acknowledge God as the provider. Please worship tomorrow with a different attitude and effort because of what we are seeing – HE IS WORTHY! I wish we all could gather together and simply celebrate and tell God how much we love him.

Continue to increase the volume towards heaven, acknowledge God and give thanks, and for Brynn – “Roll Tide!”