Fill The House

I pray that our churches will be spirit-filled houses of prayer tonight with God’s people unified over His miracle in Brynn! Please pray specifically for her brain as we are currently seeing signs of damage and many delays in motor skills, speech, and actions. But MY GOD YHWH is not done. He will hear His people and move, not because He has to; but because He wants to and loves us. May a spirit of repentance and renewal sweep through His people and I am encouraging all of us to lead out! We will look at mountains tonight and under the name of Jesus Christ say “move” and through faith they will move.

I love each of you and pray for supernatural worship, prayer, and renewal in each of our lives tonight because what we have seen in an amazing God loving His Brynn!

Please increase the volume tonight towards heaven with our prayers and allow God to change you as well as healing Brynn!