It’s been a slow but good day!

Doctors have seen some improvements and God has been her comforter as we have all prayed. She has had very little crying or discomfort and God deserves a huge thank you! To describe her current state I would say: “like a 30 lb new born with limited movement and reaction”. I share this not as a discouragement, but show God’s faithfulness (four days ago she was minutes from death with little hope) and to let you all know the severity of her current state, so when God completes His miracle in Brynn we will all have a true sense of just how amazing He is.

Despite her current condition: Amy and I are humanly concerned parents, but hopeful. We are not overwhelmed, frustrated, or discouraged; but rather confident in Christ, excited about the coming days, and ready to do what ever it takes to fight this spiritual/physical battle that God is battling with/for us.

You guys are a huge encouragement to us!

Tonight we declare; “Jesus came to give us life and give us life more abundantly” John 10:10 So satan hear us loud and clear; “YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE AND YOU ARE REBUKED IN JESUS CHRIST’S HOLY NAME!” You negative thoughts are banned, your pessimistic mentality ignored, and you are simply DEFEATED! You will not bring your Hell to my life and I will beat you every time through My Jehovah God! What you intended for harm, God and His church will use to encourage, unite, and change communities.

I love you all and ask you to fight with both fists TONIGHT and increase the volume to heaven to a God who loves, hears, answers, and performs miracles.