Brynn still hasn’t “awakened” fully yet. She rested through the night. No more oxygen, only breathing room air on her own. Stats good. Dr makes rounds at 9 to give goals for today.

Our prayer today is that God will continue to complete Brynn and His miracle. God has done so much to this point that everyone has seen His Testimony in Brynn and the validation of how God hears, listens, and responds to His people.

We also know it is not time to stop praying and acknowledging God, Jesus Christ. Brynn still very much needs your prayers and God’s gracious touch. Please pray specifically for her awareness, her left side of brain, and brain activity. Pray for her pain levels as she comes through.

God has been so good and He is still on the scene holding her hand. God is not only her healer, but also her comforter. I am overwhelmed of His love for this baby girl and His response to all your prayers.
TODAY WE PRAY WITH EXPECTANCE, because He has proved we can rely on Him!

Amy and I have also never seen or experienced the love of people and the encouragement as we have the last 48 hours. I wanted all of you to know it has been noticed and WE LOVE YOU BACK! Please remember that many other people are hurting today and need your love and a touch from God. Please take time to pray for yourself, your community, and people in need. Love on somebody today and encourage a stranger!

God has made us all strong and we should not be afraid for He goes with us.

Love God, Love People, and let what we are seeing God do change us!