Jehovah Rapah (God is our healer) gave us some encouragement this morning; but gave the docs a headache. As you all remember we are specifically praying for God to touch/mend Brynn’s brain and her right side movement. She is still in need of this prayer and touch; but this morning I was told that around 4:00 am Brynn pulled her IV out of her hand and her feeding tube completely out. I was concerned until I realized it was her left IV and she had used her right hand to do it all. At that point I thanked my God for the encouraging sign because not only did she use her right arm and hand, but if you know her, she is feisty. That fighting spirit is Brynn and it is a direct reflection of her God’s fighting spirit for her.

Please continue to pray for her brain to heal, fever to stay at bay, and her alertness to be able to hold her head up. She needs head control in order to take a swallow test in order to move forward with possibly eating food.

Your encouragement, prayers, stories have been a major strength to us, but God’s testimony of change in people’s life from His Miracle in Brynn has been awesome. Amy and I love each of you and please keep increasing the volume towards heaven for a God who loves, hears, and answers His people.

I love each of you so much and your love for us has been amazing,