Today was another great day and I want to ask you to continue to pray specifically for Brynn’s hearing and speech. I want to tell you more of what God is doing in that area, but right now I feel it in my spirit to simply wait. Trust me when I tell you God is hearing us loud and clear and answering with a “YES”. PLEASE KEEP PRAYING for her hearing and speech.

As those connected to us through Facebook may have seen over the last few days, some people are trying to pigtail off of God’s Miracle Story in Brynn to promote selfish ambitions (selling sunglasses) or spread garbage on my FB page. This is not a new concept. In fact, throughout scripture people tried to take God’s desire to love His people and use it for their own gain. I think the biblical account of Jesus flipping over the tables in the temple is the best example of men trying to take something Godly and perverting it for their own good (Matthew 21:12-17 or John 2:13-25).

I want to encourage us all to not let the perverted and self-centered distort or distract what is Godly and pure. We are in His midst and let us make certain we keep His temple clean and a house of prayer, rather than distorting it and making it a den of robbers.

Tonight, please pray for those who hacked my account or posted things to sell or smut by tagging me. Pray they will hear God’s miracle story in Brynn and understand just how much God loves them and how much we love them as well. Though I am frustrated with their tactics, I am consumed with loving people and forgiveness. Lord, forgive us all where we have failed you and continue to show us Your love and grace.

Keep increasing the volume!