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Standing at a Crossroad

As we approach the two year anniversary of God’s Miracle in Brynn, Amy & I wanted to give you an update on Brynn’s recovery and what has taken place since our last post. After experiencing God’s Miracle in Brynn, it took about a year for Amy & I to simply catch our breath. The months […]

What Now

  Brynn has been home since November 10 and continuing to improve. She goes to to weekly therapies (physical, occupational, and speech) and seems to be getting closer to her baseline prior to the fall on 0ct. 11. We have had many doctors, nurses, and therapists testify to God’s Miracle in Brynn and have been […]

Give Me a B

Testing today with the ABR was a little confusing due to her having tubes put in, but the sound booth test gave us a clearer picture: Basically, at this time she does have hearing loss in both ears, but the baseline is considered right on the line of normal for all frequencies but the high […]


Had a great weekend with the rest of the children and made it back to ATL this afternoon. Tomorrow is a very important day as Brynn will be having new tunes put in her ears and an ABR test to discover her hearing volume and if she needs to keep using hearing aids. As for […]

Never Forget

Crazy busy day, but it’s been another step in this huge story of God’s Miracle in Brynn. It was discovered today that Brynn may be having some right eye vision neglect – which basically means she is not using her right side peripheral vision well or has a delay using her right side vision. She […]


Wow. What a day. I am overwhelmed with joy in the miracle we have all witnessed in Brynn in the last three weeks. It is hard to believe that 22 days ago she was minutes away from death and now she is full of life. Amy and I acknowledge God for His miracle in Brynn […]

Can You Hear Me Now?

Brynn is continuing to show improvement and I want to let you know what Jehovah Rapha is doing in Brynn’s life: As you recall, last week we spent most of the week praying specifically for Brynn’s hearing and speech. For those that may not know Brynn’s full story she had a very rough entry into […]

Bold Trust

From Amy Lou:   As I sit and soak in God’s Word this morning, my heart is heavy for so much suffering that is all around me. I reflect on a couple questions that haveĀ been posed to me several times throughout this faith journey: Why does God answer some people’s prayers and not others? And […]