Can You Hear Me Now?

Brynn is continuing to show improvement and I want to let you know what Jehovah Rapha is doing in Brynn’s life:

As you recall, last week we spent most of the week praying specifically for Brynn’s hearing and speech. For those that may not know Brynn’s full story she had a very rough entry into this world. In the process of an emergency delivery Brynn developed a hearing lost that required hearing aids. In fact, the first year of her life was very rough with many issues, a few surgeries, lots of therapy and appointments; but she kept improving and becoming the Brynn we all knew before the fall. That is a very simplified version, but it gives you a picture of Brynn’s life thus far which is nothing short of God’s grace and healing.

So back to hearing – as of last Thursday the DOCTORS DO NOT BELIEVE BRYNN WILL NEED HEARING AIDS ANYMORE! There are a few more tests, but as for now the consensus is that she does NOT NEED THEM! To this I simply say, thank you Jesus and thank you all for praying. He is real, prayer does work, and God’s people are empowered by Him. God’s restoration of Brynn and His miracle story should move us all in faith.

May your faith be seen today by the way you believe in what we have seen in God’s Miracle in Brynn, by the way we love people today, and by the way we acknowledge God in our life with our actions.

Please pray for Brynn’s speech, ability to stand, and her ability to walk. And keep increasing the volume!