Bold Trust

From Amy Lou:


As I sit and soak in God’s Word this morning, my heart is heavy for so much suffering that is all around me. I reflect on a couple questions that have¬†been posed to me several times throughout this faith journey:

Why does God answer some people’s prayers and not others?


How can a good God allow bad things to happen?

I don’t pretend to know the answers to these questions, but I can share¬†some insight on what God has shown me.

It’s important to begin with the fact that our “faith journey” doesn’t start at the moment of suffering, or conflict, or loss. It begins the moment we accept Jesus as sovereign Lord over our lives, over the whole universe, over all of His creation, and continues to grow as we walk in His truth daily. When we accept Him for who He truly is and place Him as Lord over our lives, it does not mean we no longer suffer or that we are no longer sinners. We still battle our human nature daily, hourly, sometimes moment by moment. We try to figure out the “why’s” of our circumstances using our own human reasoning and common rationale. But we have to snap out of this mindset and remember our LIMITLESS God, the Creator of all things, is so much bigger than our LIMITED reasoning and rational minds can comprehend. This has to be our foundation, the truth that anchors our soul daily so that when suffering and trials come, we will not be shaken!

Because of our humanness, sometimes our questions are backwards. Instead of “How can a good God let bad things happen?” Maybe a better question is, “How can God be so good to us when we are such sinners?”

Our mindset needs to be set on His Redemption story. He is redeeming a fallen world unto Himself. All of us deserve death, but by His redeeming love, we are offered life, eternally in the presence of our King. His plans are not our own, for everything He does is to bring glory to Himself and to draw others to Him. This is hard to swallow in cases that don’t turn out the way we ask. We start to question God in our selfishness, but when our faith hinges on the fact that God works all things for the good of those who love Him, we wait in anticipation for Gods glory to be revealed! This is to be our mindset in praying. It’s not about whose prayers get answered and whose don’t. All prayers are answered in a way that brings Glory to God. This should be the desire of our prayers! I have found this to be true throughout my journey and walking with like-minded sisters and brothers in Christ is that His glory ALWAYS prevails, EVERY time, without fail! He is so FAITHFUL in every circumstance and outcome.

This then, is our challenge. God calls us to have a bold trust in His deity and sovereignty. Our mental focus on who God is must be renewed daily because we are sinners living in a fallen world that wants us to believe otherwise. The natural thoughts of our human mindset is to resist truth about God, BUT when we look back on Gods record of faithfulness in the past, we must trust in His unfailing love for us – in every circumstance. He always was, always is, and always will be faithful! Grow each of us in our faith Lord Jesus! Amen.


Keep increasing the volume!