All Right

I sit here writing this update with a GO BIG ORANGE shirt on, with my brain hopeful the Vols can make a game of it, but my heart for the first time ever screaming, “Me Roll Tide”.

Concerning Brynn; she is using her RIGHT arm, hand, and fingers. LOL God not only heard your prayers yesterday, but He is simply showing us just how powerful and gracious He is as Jehovah Rapha ( The Lord that heals – Exodus 15:26) and letting us know how much He has empowered us to be His voice to this world. This is why we all have to learn to pray with expectancy knowing that God is able. He does not answer because He has to, but because He loves us and wants to demonstrate His love in us. No, this is not an “I want a Cadillac” type prayer or pitch to God; but rather with a sincere heart and faith we can trust God with our prayers. Hebrews 10:19-25 sums it up best.

Rehab in ATL has been approved and we should be heading there soon. So if your keeping count; God has answered every single prayer with “Yes” and we are thankful for His miracle in Brynn.

Take time to read Hebrews 10:19-25 today and thank God for everything He is doing in us through His miracle in Brynn and remember the following prayer request:

One of my fellow staff members at a previous church had his son Baylor sustain a similar injury last night at a football game to his brain like Brynn did two weeks ago. Would you join with me as we storm the throne for God to do it again, but this time for Baylor. Baylor is in a very critical situation but we know God is able because of what we have already witnessed over the last two weeks.

Thank you for loving Brynn, my family, and me! In case we have not told you; “we love you to!”