Again, Specific

She is progressing, but is still not showing much movement in her right side. It looks like we will be heading to Atlanta to go to Scottish Rite for rehab. They have not given us a timetable, but we are resting in God’s miracle.

SPECIFIC PRAYER: for Brynn’s swallow study around 1:00 pm today. This would allow her to be completely tube free and start to drink and eat.

Thank you guys so much for all you have been doing and I want to encourage you to not listen to man’s experiences when dealing with God’s situations. God has shown me that He is complete in everything we need. I believe now more than ever that we settle for less than God’s best for life, because we believe everyone else’s reality has to be ours. This is simply not true. I encourage you to pursue God with daily works and let Him establish your plans (Proverbs 16:3).

Love God more today, handle adversity with dependence on Him, and grow today!

I love you and keep increasing the volume to heaven!